You Asked: Speed Up Drying Time

Today’s question comes from Maryann¬†and she asks:

“Is there any way to speed up the drying time for paintings that have been underpainted with Magic white? It’s taking two weeks for my paintings to dry to the touch.”

Do you have any information that might help Maryann?  Please leave you response in the comments box below.



  1. Art Goddess says

    I understand that white is amongst the slowest drying of all oil colors, so if you mix any white into your other colors they will take longer to dry than usual. Alkyd oil paints have something in the mixture that helps them to dry quicker, so I’m thinking you could use an alkyd-based medium mixed into the Magic White to help it dry faster. I haven’t yet tried that medium, but I did purchase some recently to try myself. Since I’m using W & N Artisan Water Mixable Oil paint, I purchased W & N Artisan Water Mixable Fast Drying Medium. They also have an alkyd medium for regular oil paint; and also sell quick drying alkyd paints. Here’s a link to their site, where you can get more info:–oils-solvents-mediums-varnishes/mediums/artisan-water-mixable-fast-drying-medium/

    Good luck!

    Art Goddess

  2. Buck says

    The first time I tried Magic White it took almost a year for the paints to set up. The last time I made sure I put it on very thin and even wiped it with a rag. The paint set up within a couple of days. I was pleasantly surprised anyway. Also, make sure you are using a thick paint to paint into the magic white, not a soft juicy paint. Hope this helps.

  3. Bob says

    Depends on the size of the painting. I put mine in the gas oven with just the pilot light on and it drys in a couple of days.

  4. john hunt says

    I use a garden plant propogator , a gentle heat and only 22 watt consumption . With Liquin it dries overnight , with damar varnish it takes a little longer

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