You Asked – Painting Water Rings

Todays question is from Rauel:

“I am trying to paint water rings like you would see if you dropped a pebble in water and am having a difficult time finding any teaching on this. I have a water “mound” in the center of the water rings. I am painting on a 4×8 foot mdf using acrylic paint. Thanks for your help.”

Do you have any information that may help Rauel?  Please leave your response in the comments box below.  Thanks!


  1. Vanessa says

    Paint what you see. It’s your left brain(which is the analytical side of the brain) that’s confusing you. Painting water or water circles shouldn’t be any more difficult than anything else u paint. If you’re still having difficulty turn your painting and your picture upside down and paint like that. Your left brain will get confused and your right brain (which is your creative side of the brain) will take over. Just try it. You’ll be pleasently surprised. It might take a couple of minutes for the left brain to give up and give the right brain a chance to take over. I was trained in right brain drawing and painting and am still amazed after all these years at how wonderful the righ brain is and just takes over and works its magic! Feel free to mail me if u need more help.

  2. Mohsin says

    @vanessa, You made a very interesting and analytical comment on human brain. It was very interesting to read. I would like to know more about it. What is your main address?

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