You Asked – Oil Painting Thinner

Todays question is from Zyed:

I have done an oil painting using artist thinner to paint with. But i have now been told that useing thinners with oil pigments will ruin my painting. If that is true,are there any soloutions to this problem?

Do you have any information that might help Zyed?  Please leave your response in the comments box below.


  1. Vasuki says


    I recently started oil painting on Artist Loft 48*48 canvas. My painting looks great from a distance but if sun rays fall or under the lightbulb, I see brush strokes, lifeless painting which looks dry and dull., uneven surfaces with few areas showing up the texture of the canvas. Please help me out. What should I do? Where I’m going wrong?

    One more question, I directly paint on Artist loft canvas. Is that okay or do I have to do anything else for the painting to last longer?

    Thank you,


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