Wet on Wet Oil Painting Technique – Bill Alexander Paints Fall River

The wet on wet oil painting technique is a direct painting technique where you complete a painting usually in one sitting. Wet oil paint is applied on top of another layer of wet paint.

In the following video demonstration, artist Bill Alexander paints a beautiful autumn scene using the wet on wet technique.  Bill is a modern pioneer being one of the first artists to popularize the wet on wet oil painting technique through his Emmy award winning Magic of Oil painting television show.

Watch the master at work below.  If you would like to learn more about Bill Alexander, be sure to visit his Website here or you can check out his YouTube Page here for more of his videos.

Bill Alexander paints Fall River Part 1

Bill Alexander paints Fall River Part 2

Bill Alexander paints Fall River Part 3


  1. Saundra Dichiera says

    This is the greatest Artist ever. My mother learned his way of painting and has one of his origionals.

  2. Dr. Sylvia Tomberlin says

    Mr. Bill is awesome. I love his joyful spirit and the brilliant colors he uses.

  3. lea dicarlo says

    your video is great, some instruction on materials used
    especially method of cleaning brushes.
    thank you.

  4. Christopher Nourse says

    I have been looking for a site that shows Mr.Alexander painting and am I happy to see him again. He was truly the best.

  5. saeedah says

    i love painting but idont know how this wonderful artist help me to start with him step by step and ihave my own painting ,it was so beautiful thanks alot mr.bill i love your sprit you are the best .

  6. says

    Mr. Bill i have never seen such an artist like u man, u excite me to the max, the humming works, i would like to know what wet on wet consists of it is so smooth,Is this oil paint water base? i love it and i love u the happiness, the joy,the expression of the innerperson. U fill me up to overflow i love it, just beautiful, i wish u were in Trinidad just to be near u, would make much diference. BEAUTIFUL MR, BILL.

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