Watercolor Techniques – Painting Trees

These quick exercises from world renowned architectural illustrator and fine art watercolorist Frank M. Costantino demonstrate different watercolor techniques for painting trees. Learn more about Frank and his seminars at www.fmcostantino.com

Many beginner watercolor artists have a great deal of trouble with painting believable trees in their landscape paintings.  The following videos should help you a great deal as Frank really breaks things down in an easy to understand manner with the following watercolor painting technique videos.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


3 Comments on "Watercolor Techniques – Painting Trees"

  1. Pat Gerace on Sat, 24th Apr 2010 8:41 am 

    Great watercolor lessons on painting trees.

  2. Mary on Wed, 9th Jun 2010 2:34 pm 

    Thanks for a great lesson/tutorial :)

  3. Linda Beer on Mon, 30th Aug 2010 9:38 pm 

    Wonderful demonstration. Just the tips I needed. Thanks so much for sharing.

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