Watercolor Pencil Techniques For Beginners

Here is a great video demonstrating the versatility of Watercolor Pencils.  In this video, Artist Tim Fisher demonstrates and explains a handful of interesting Watercolor Pencil Techniques For Beginners, both wet and dry, that you can achieve using this versatile medium.  The reason Watercolor Pencils are so versatile is because they can act both like a dry drawing medium as well as a wet painting medium which can be lots of fun.

If you have experience working with colored pencils, then these dry Watercolor Pencil Techniques should be familiar to you.

The short stroke technique is when you lay down short strokes of color with your pencil. The trick is to vary the length, direction and color of your strokes to create texture and to cover your surface. You aren’t actually mixing the colors on the surface, rather you are creating an effect known as optical mixing .

He then demonstrates a watercolor pencil technique known as cross hatching. This is a series of long strokes applied in various directions overlapping one another.

The next technique demonstrated is one known as burnishing. The color is applied using strong pressure so that the paper is completely saturated with color resulting in a very smooth surface.

He then demonstrates a technique using various kinds of erasers.  He lays out a strong band of color and uses the erasers to removes the pigment and create highlights.

Tim then begins to demonstrate some of the wet watercolor pencil techniques.  He first lays out the color in its dry form using the pencil.  To manipulate the pigment, he then uses either water or some kind of solvent along with a paint brush to create the desired effect.

Another wet Watercolor Pencil Technique is to first saturate the paper with water and then draw on the wet surface with the dry pencil.

There are a number of other helpful tips and techniques in the video below.  Watch the video to learn more.  I hope you enjoy!

A really big thanks to Artist Tim Fisher for providing this video lesson on watercolor pencil techniques for beginners. You can learn more about Tim, view more of his artwork or check out his Art DVD’s and Courses sale over at his website by visiting the link below:



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