Top 3 Best Oil Paints For Beginners on a Budget

So you are ready to take your fabulous journey into the wonderful world of oil painting when you realize just how expensive supplies can be!   I know personally how frustrating it can be when you are not able to afford good quality supplies, but have no fear…  This post is going to talk about three great quality oil paint brands that will fit any budget.

I am sure you have heard of the saying “You Get What you Pay For”.  Well this is not always the case, especially when it comes to oil paint.   Today’s oil paint manufacturers have made awesome quality  oil paints available for every artist, no matter what budget or skill level.

Van Gogh Oils

I put this one first as it is now my favorite brand of oil paint. Apart from being a huge fan of Van Gogh the Artist, I am also a huge fan of these paints. With a name like “Van Gogh”, you just know these paints are good!

Van Gogh Oils are comparable to “Rembrandt Oils”.  They are made with the same high quality pigment only in lower amounts.  Many artists swear that it is difficult to tell the difference between the two. So if you ever wanted to enjoy professional oil paints, but could never afford them, then Van Gogh Oils are for you.

These paints are produced under the strictest laboratory controls so that every tube has the purest color and best consistency. There are 57 wonderful colors in this line of oil paints and each has awesome lightfastness. Lighfastness, if you are not already familiar with the term, is how permanent a color is, or how unaffected it is by light.

Available in 1.4 oz. tubes except for the whites which are available in 150 ml tubes.

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These oils are often labeled as Student or introductory paints, but once you try them, you will understand why even professional artists that have been painting for years use these paints also.

Grumbacher Academy Oils are of excellent quality and affordable. The Manufacturer of these oil paints, uses the same strict standards that other more expensive brands use.

Grumbacher Academy colors are rich, have excellent tinting strength and really go a long way. You will be pleasantly surprised at how nicely they flow from your brush.  You will also notice, that no matter how many tubes you buy, you will find the same great quality in each tube of paint.

Academy Oils are available in 1.25 oz. and 5.07 oz. tubes.

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DALER-ROWNEY Georgian Oil Colours

Georgian Oil Colours are carefully manufactured and tested to ensure that each batch has the same high quality.  These paints produce brilliant colors with great tinting strength, texture and permanence.  You are getting a super high quality paint here at an affordable price.  Because these paints are so affordable, they tend to be very popular amongst beginners and those artists who paint large works of art.

These paints have a buttery consistency and flow and mix beautifully.  Other cheaper brands of oil paint tend to have low pigment counts and use unwanted fillers.  Georgian Oils are not like this.  You will find each color is brilliant and beautiful.

The colors are available in 75 ml or 225 ml tubes.

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    This is very useful and Important post for beginners.I ma not Artist but I would like to say something. Van Gogh is my favorite artist. He famous for his modern painting. I like all Oil Paintings shows in slides.

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