Top 10 Online Figure Drawing Resources For Beginner Artists

So you are interested in becoming an expert at drawing and painting the human figure? You have certainly found the right place! I thought it would be a good idea to find the best resources and information on figure drawing and put it all together for you in one easy location for easy reference. Below are what I feel to be, some of the best resources for helping you learn how to draw the human body.

Warning:  This post was created as an aid to help those artists who are interested in improving their skills as a figure drawing artist and therefore contains tasteful artistic nudity.If you find this kind of content inappropriate or if you are under the age of 18, please do not continue reading. Thank you.

Figure Drawing Resource 1

Ebook: Figure Drawing Secrets

How to quickly and easily master figure drawing and painting without a model…

Stop drawing and painting figures the hard way! Now you can learn the secrets of drawing people and figures quickly and easily – without a model… This newly released work called “Figure Drawing Secrets” by Victor Perard is the quickest and easiest way to learn figure drawing. This amazing resource contains over 1016 detailed illustrations for you to study and learn from. Covering every single aspect of human anatomy for the artist. It’s a shame for you not to draw people well – when it’s so simple with the right instruction.

Follow this link and download a copy of the ultimate tutorial on Figure Drawing!

Figure Drawing Resource 2

Software: Virtual Pose

The virtual pose system is the next best thing to working with a live model. It is the ultimate reference for artists that do not have access to a live model. The virtual pose system presents the human form in a way that allows for a deeper understanding of shape, form and gesture.

Highly Recommended!

Follow this link for more information about this amazing product!

Figure Drawing Resource 3


A wonderful assortment of free step by step figure drawing and painting demonstrations.

Figure Drawing Resource 4


This website is loaded with great information and resources on figure drawing including books, ebooks lessons and more. The site is a bit cluttered and difficult to navigate, but the amount of information there makes up for this shortcoming.

Figure Drawing Resource 5


Figure Drawing – Life Drawing Tips and Lessons

Nice little series of lessons and exercise on figure drawing including line and contour, structure, proportions and more.

Figure Drawing Resource 6

Website Lesson: Figure Drawing Basics

Figure Drawing Resource 7

Website: Figure Drawing Lab

Figure Drawing Resource 8

Website Tutorial: Figure drawing: Basic Pose and Construction

Figure Drawing Resource 9

Website Lesson: Life Drawing

Figure Drawing Resource 10

YouTube Videos

Below are a handful of video tutorials and demonstrations videos from YouTube on figure drawing. YouTube is an excellent resource for finding Figure Drawing Lessons.

Video 1: Drawing the Human Figure From Your Mind

Video 2:How to Draw Hands: long demo

Video 3: How to draw the human figure – Dan Nelson

Video 4: 10-Minute Figure Drawing Techniques

Video 5: How to Draw the Human Figure

Video 6: How to Draw the Male Torso, Chest, Arms- Step by Step

Video 7: Two Part Demo of Male Figure

Part 1

Part 2

Video 8: 4 Part Demo – Drawing the Female Figure

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Figure Drawing Resources Update

Since publishing this post a few people have contacted me with more resources to add to this list and I have included them below.

Update 1

Website –

Update 2

Website –


  1. says

    If you ARE commencing Figure Studies there’s great advice and oodles of guidance available at….in the Figure Forum. I’m going to post a link there to this article.
    Kind regards….

  2. Rob says

    I’ve always wanted to draw but alas this is just not for me… Any idea or tips? Do you think any person can do it? Or do I need to have that called “talent”…

  3. Joel says

    Thanks for the top 10 resource list! And thanks Carol for that great source for figure drawing…

  4. sean says

    This is the best all in one learning guide for me being an aspiring artist.. Thanks for posting this article..It will really help me throughout the process of knowing art even more deeper without the fuss… I specifically found the virtual pose system very much amazing and I will surely practice it..

  5. Jennifer says

    For a person like me who loves art and tries to learn as much as i can about it, this article is just wonderful. I have to say that i found the virtual pose system to be very amazing as well and i will put it into practice right away.

  6. kat says

    I always have a problem with a face,proportion and one side is not like another.(first video is not working anymore maybe you can re-upload it).

  7. Anonymous says

    Really good resource for learning how to draw. This is going to keep me busy for hours. Thanks for this great share.

  8. says

    I’m looking for a format for timed and untimed poses like, except with heads, instead of figures. The idea is to do quick and longer studies of head structure, facial expression and hair-dos. So far, no luck finding anything of the sort. Do you know of a website like this?

  9. says

    Thanks Ludd! The site is a good one. I’ve also found a few for 3D anatomy, heads and facial expressions that I’ve listed on my profile page at deviantart They might be of interest.

  10. raxxillion says

    I like that posespace link. They seem pricey, but there are enough previews to know if you are getting what you really want.

  11. cherrymusic.Net says

    Do you have additional articles like this particular one named, Top 10 Online Figure Drawing Resources For Beginner Artists?
    I really want to read through even more regarding it. Many thanks.

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    If you wish to find life drawing lessons in dorset england I have been a life drawing tutor here for a number of years,I like to learn from my fellow tutors and share my expertise.I am a qualified tutor and have studied for a masters in drawing.I belong to the drawing research association.

  13. says

    Awesome post! There’s also a new website which is kinda like some of the ones you mentioned above, but you can customise the pose of the figure and set the view angle and direction (there’s also a wood mannequin for the more hardcore figure drawers).

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