Soft Focus Watercolor Painting Technique

Here is a very interesting Watercolor Painting Technique video by artist Elizabeth Fluehr.  This is a technique that you don’t see often and a somewhat unconventional usage of the Watercolor painting medium.  Most of the water that she uses with this technique is for the purpose of wetting the paper and not added to the paint itself.  She only uses a small amount of water to lightly dampen her brush.

The name of this technique is called the “Soft Focus” technique and you will understand why it was given this name after watching the video.

Elizabeth begins by saturating a piece of  140lb Arches Watercolor Paper with water.  The paper is then allowed to sit for some time until it loses its shiny appearance.

She uses freshly squeezed paint that has not been diluted with water and a flat brush that has a lot of spring to it, to apply the paint.

Watch her demonstrate her technique by watching the video demonstration below…  I hope you enjoy.

Soft Focus Watercolor Technique

A big thanks to Elizabeth Fluehr for sharing this video lesson.  You can learn more about her and watch some more of her videos by visiting her YouTube page here.

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