Palette Knife Seascape Painting Demonstration

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Patricia Elliott Seitz was born in San Diego California, and spent most of her young adulthood living in Southern California. She came from an artistic background of art and music, and always knew that she wanted to be an artist. From age five until she was in her early teens, Seitz was mentored by her mother, an accomplished jewelry designer, and still life painter.

Her love for landscapes and seascapes has been heavily influenced by where she has lived through the years. Her painting approach is based on impressionism, and Tonalism. Painters that have inspired Patricia are Monet, Alexander Wyant, George Innless, Wyatt Eaton, Marjorie Reed, and Vernon Kerr. Her choices of mediums are oil and soft pastel. Her main subject matter is landscapes, and seascapes. On occasion, Patricia will paint still life and figurative work as well.

Her paintings are distinctive for their bold and simple brush strokes, luminescent light and unique color choices. Today she can be found in her studio, painting seasonal paintings of the Central New York area, and the California coast lines. She is an active member of Oil Painters of America, CNY Art Guild, and her work is represented by Local NY art Galleries.

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Painting Action Seascapes with a Palette Knife

I gessoed a 6×6 Panel.

I only use 3 primary colors and Titanium White and mix the rest for more harmonious colors.

My palette is Winsor and Netwon Artist Quality Pale Cad Yellow, Ultra Marine Blue, Titanium White and Cadmium Red. Get to know how to mix your colors and your paintings will come alive!

I start by putting in the background colors, mixing to get colors needed for the sky and the large rock on the right.

I have started to mix the sky colors with the palette knife to soften and blend. Next I have laid in some of the ocean colors.

This next step shows the deeper greens of the closer water being worked in.

I try to keep my colors fresh and not over worked by limited blending. I find that the palette knife is great for this. A brush tends to flatten and muddy up my colors at this stage.

This is the last stage in this painting. Adding in the highlights and some spreay in the background. This is where most of my light blending will be with the palette knife.


  1. Anonymous says

    That’s the amazing to know about the Patricia Elliott Seitz and also the painters who inspired her in the art world. Oil Paintings has been always my favorites subject and by reading this blog I really inspired too for paintings. I really loved the last one painting where she has Added the highlights and some spreay in the background. Nice blog!

  2. Medusa says

    Thankyou patricia, you have shown how to do this paint work in step by step photos and instructions. I am going to have a go this weekend. I am a beginner, wonder how it will turn out 🙂 Medusa

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