Paint Along with Larry Hamilton – Watercolor – “Vase of Flowers”

Larry is a retired Computer Executive. Now developing his artistic skills painting oil and watercolor paintings, teaching both to students and creating free You Tube painting demonstrations for students and the public.

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Watercolor – “Vase of Flowers”

This is a painting of a vase of flowers my wife and I recently recieved. I thought it might make a challenging watercolor painting, so I’ve tried to do it justice. I hope you enjoy it.

Materials Used

Paint –┬áMaimeri Blu Transparent Watercolors
Neutral Tint
Cyan Blue
Ultra Blue
Ultra Violet
Crimson Lake
Garnett Lake
Cadmium Red
Burnt Sienna
Raw Sienna
Yellow Ochre
Cupric Green
Golden Lake
Limone Yellow
Primary Yellow
Burnt Umber
Sap Green
Avignon Orange
Primary Red Magenta
Stil De Grain Brown

Arches – 140# Cold Press

Brushes (Sterling Edwards):
1-1/2″ Blending Brush
1″ Blending Brushd
1″ Flat
1/2″ Flat
1/4″ Flat
#12 Round
#8 Round
#4 Round
#6 Rigger


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