Oil Painting Video Tutorial on Color Mixing & Theory

Here is a wonderful oil painting lesson by artist William Gelvin on color mixing, matching and theory. In this lesson, William teaches how to mix and match a variety of different colors from only 4 colors:  three primaries and white.

The three primary colors he is using are Rembrandt Permanent Red, Rembrandt Permanent Yellow and Winsor & Newton Cobalt Blue.  You don’t need these exact colors to do this exercise. Just pick three colors that you feel are as close to the true primaries as possible.

Tim uses a printout in this video lesson that contains 25 different color swatches that he created from the above mentioned colors. The purpose of this oil painting tutorial is to teach you how to match the colors on the printout from the three primaries.  This really forces you to think and learn more about the properties of oil paints.

This is a long video with over 40 minutes of wonderful instruction, so grab yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy this oil painting lesson for beginners.

William Gelvin Art Lesson Color Theory and Color Matching Exercise

A big thanks to William for sharing this oil painting video tutorial.  You can learn more about William and watch some more of his videos over at his YouTube profile here.

Additional Resource on Color

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