Oil Painting Video Lesson – Alla Prima Oil Painting Technique

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Alla Prima Oil Painting Technique – A Video Tutorial by Larry Seiler

Here is a wonderful oil painting video lesson for beginners by artist Larry Seiler that demonstrates the All Prima Oil Painting Technique.

Alla Prima is an Italian word that literally means “At Once”.  Its a painting that is completed in one session.  This is a direct painting method that produces a fresh and spontaneous look to your work.  I love this style of painting because it allows me to get loose and just let go and have fun, which is exactly what Larry does in the following video tutorial.

He begins his Alla Prima painting session by mixing his colors ahead of time on his palette. He says this eliminates a lot of his decisions in advance and allows him to establish a color harmony that will work for his painting.  Another advantage of pre-mixing his colors is that his focus is on the subject that he is painting and not on color mixing.

After his colors are prepared, he then creates a basic sketch using some vine charcoal.

He then begins to block in his colors.  Larry makes an excellent point in this video with regards to applying the paint.  He says that he makes no more than three strokes after loading his brush.  He says that any more than three will actually remove paint.

Many more great tips and instruction in the this excellent oil painting demo.  Learn more by watching the free video below!



4 Comments on "Oil Painting Video Lesson – Alla Prima Oil Painting Technique"

  1. Shirish Deshpande on Thu, 13th Jan 2011 12:17 am 

    It is such a pleasure to watch a master working. I have no words to explain what this means to me. All I can say is this has opened my eyes to new possibilities. Many thanks to Larry for making this video and sharing it…. Thanks so much.

  2. Ellen Lou Severs on Thu, 13th Jan 2011 12:50 am 

    You are very good at what you are doing for new budding Artist.
    Thank-you for sharing your talent.

  3. Lily on Mon, 10th Oct 2011 6:52 am 

    Awesome!!..I would like to have that kind of confidence with my strokes..Thanks for that tutorial.

  4. David Speering on Mon, 19th Jan 2015 7:38 pm 

    An inguenous idea – counting one’s brush strokes. I may try this on a simple still life or on vague objects in a scene

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