Oil Painting Techniques – Glazing

In this post, we will discuss the oil painting technique called “Glazing”. Included below are several videos as well as step by step tutorials and lessons from around the Web, that discuss and demonstrate the Glazing technique.

Glazing is the process of applying a thin layer of translucent or transparent oil paint over a dry opaque layer of oil paint, which creates an effect unlike any other.

Light travels through the transparent or translucent layer of oil paint and bounces off the opaque layer creating a sort of glowing effect that is very difficult to create with other oil painting techniques.

The effect is known as “Optical Color Mixing”. ¬†Colors are not mixed together physically on a palette or canvas, but are instead mixed optically through the various layers of glazes.

Learn all about this oil painting technique through the various videos and tutorials that I have collected below.  Enjoy!


Tutorials & Demonstrations

Painting Glazes: An Oil Painter Reveals His Glazing Secrets

Glazing With Oils


Oil Painting Techniques: Glazing

How to Make Your Own Glazing Medium for Oil Painting

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