Oil Painting Technique – How To Paint a Leaf Tree With Wilson Bickford

In this oil painting video lesson for beginners, artist Wilson Bickford demonstrates how to paint leaf trees using a 1 inch foliage brush.  Starting with a canvas that has been pre-painted with a blue sky, Wilson applies a dark green foliage made up of Sap Green, Ultramarine Blue and just a bit of Burnt Sienna to dull and darken the mixture.

Wilson states that the Burnt Sienna takes some of the “Greeniness” out of the green, which can make the tree look unnatural.  After the first application of dark green paint, Wilson then demonstrates how to apply highlights to the tree.  For the highlights he uses a mixture of Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow and a touch of Sap Green to create a light and bright mixture that he dabs over the darker color. These oil painting techniques that Wilson Demonstrates in this video are very reminiscent of Bob Ross Painting Techniques, of which I am a big fan.  Enjoy the video!

Oil Painting Technique – How To Paint a Leaf Tree With Wilson Bickford

A big thanks to Wilson for providing this free oil painting lesson. You can learn more about Wilson by visiting this link.


  1. patricia devers says

    I Love your video lessons on oil painting. I just wish you had more that were and hour or more long. I learn a lot from the way you teach the lessons but hate to have to go back to the computer and start part 2 of the lesson.

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