Mastering Color by Richard Robinson – Over 40 Breakthrough Color Techniques

Mastering Color DVD Workshop With Richard Robinson

Over 40 Breakthrough Color Techniques!

Includes 240 Pages of Printable Notes & Other Indispensable Resources!

Mastering Color With Richard RobinsonWhat is one of the most challenging aspects of creating original art? It doesn’t matter if you work with oils, acrylics, watercolor or pastels. Every artist in every medium has at one point struggled with color.

Color is one of the most difficult things to master. In fact, 72% of Artists say that color is the biggest obstacle to overcome. It’s terribly frustrating because all you want to do is create art! We shouldn’t be afraid of color. We should embrace it with open arms!

You can master color and become the artist you have always dreamed of. You can learn how to think about color in a whole new way, a way that you never thought was possible. This is not hype!

I would like to introduce you to a spectacular new learning resource created by my good friend Richard Robinson. Its a DVD workshop called Mastering Color.

This DVD contains over 2 hours and 8 chapters worth of valuable information on:

  1. Color Theory
  2. Seeing Color
  3. Describing Color
  4. Value
  5. Mixing Color
  6. Manipulating Color
  7. Color Harmony
  8. Light Effects

You’ll Discover What Most Artist’s Don’t Know:

  • How do Beginners & Masters use color?
  • What seeing disabilities do we All Have?
  • How does our brain trick us?
  • What is “Color Constancy”?
  • Do you paint with color Symbols?
  • What defines a color?
  • What is Birren’s Triangle?
  • How can we use the Munsell Color System?
  • What are the 3 dimensions of color?
  • Why is color temperature important?
  • How do you use a color checker?
  • What’s the best way to see and analyze color?
  • Why is value so important?
  • What’s the best way to see & analyze value?
  • How do we make a 9 value scale?
  • Why is it so difficult to see color as a value?
  • What is the key to value relationships?
  • 7 Powerful exercises to master value
  • Which colors should you buy?
  • What’s the best color mixing wheel?
  • How can you accurately match a color?
  • How should you darken and lighten colors?
  • What’s the key to color relationships?
  • 5 Powerful exercises to master color
  • How can you create a mood with color
  • The 3 Keys to creating true vibrancy
  • What makes color sing?
  • Value segments and powerful halftones.
  • Compressing values for richer color.
  • What makes a memorable painting?
  • What is ‘limited palette’ and ‘unifying light’?
  • How useful are harmonic color schemes?
  • What is a Yurmby Color Wheel?
  • What is ‘Color Masking’?
  • Are there shortcuts to color harmony?
  • How to see and paint the true color of the light.
    … and more!

What I learned From This Course

Color has always been one of my biggest problems as an artist, so when Richard told me about his new course, I immediately got my hands on a copy.

I had no idea that this course would be this informative and teach me so much about color. Richard’s course really got my brain working in a way I never thought possible and you can see evidence of this in several new posts I have written on the topic of color:

How To Mix an Endless Amount of Greens

How To Achieve Color Harmony In Your Paintings With a Limited Palette

Mastering Color – Simple Exercise To Help You Become a Better Painter Overnight

Some Final Words Before You Go…

Mastering Color - click here for more info.

I can’t recommend this course enough folks. It is hands down the best course I have seen on the topic of color.

You would expect to pay a fortune for a course as amazing as this, but just wait until you see the price! Trust me, you will be pleasantly surprised. Richard Robinson has made this course EXTREMELY affordable.

Well I have said my peace… It is now up to you to TAKE ACTION and get your hands on this course.

Follow this link RIGHT NOW for more details about this course as well as pricing and ordering information!

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  1. vincent browne says

    Greetings I seem to have the same problem as Elsa above. How do I get the notes you refer to in your color lessons? Do the tools you mention in the dvd just popup on the dvd? Some times the audio quits and an image stays put while the dvd keeps running, is this normal? Color lesson 8 at 15.34 for example. Thank you Vincent

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