Karrie Evenson – How to Paint a Whimsical Cat


I am a professional artist from Northwest Arkansas living in the hills of the Ozark Mountains. As an emotional painter, it’s important that I try to convey everyday experiences to tell a story with paint, brush and canvas. It is my hope to draw the viewer in and allow them to walk away with a sense of connection to my art. The only way to paint is by being true to my self, emotionally and passionately, this allows me to be free and to let go. As an emotional painter, I find solace when expressing a part of who I am with my art.

I feel like one of my goals in life is to help re-shape the way beginner painters look at art. I find that most beginners end up quitting and giving up too soon in fear of not being perfect. My job is to teach you that nothing is perfect and art never should be. I hope to help you become inspired, as I have been, by just having fun with creating and expressing oneself. Really, isn’t that what art is all about? How did we get away from that?

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How to Paint a Whimsical Cat

Learn how to paint a whimsical cat from Karrie’s animal “Playful series”, with this free acrylic painting demonstration by Karrie Evenson.

The first step is to draw the cat onto a blank canvas using either a Sharpie marker or pencil.  The trick to this is to draw the cat with one continuous line without taking your hand off the canvas.  Karrie says this will give you that abstract look we are shooting for in this painting.

Next, Karrie paints in the cat with some yellow paint.  This is just an initial block in of paint, just the first layer.  There is no need to be overly careful here or try and stay in the lines.  Karrie is paying careful attention to color theory as she paints by referencing a color wheel.  She is using a complimentary color scheme.  Since the cat is a Yellow/Orange, she will paint the background in with a Blue/Violet.  The colors for the background are Quinacridone Violet and Thalo Blue.  Be sure not to overdue it with the Thalo Blue.  Just a touch is needed as this is a very strong color.

As you paint, do not worry too much about overlapping or mixing colors on the canvas.  No need to be meticulous here as you will be painting many layers.

Don’t be afraid to adjust your colors as you go along as Karrie is doing in the video.  She adds more blue, magenta and white as she paints to give some variety to the painting.

Now it’s time to work on the cat once again.  Karrie takes some yellow and red to make a bright orange and simply adds another layer.

Now se mixes up a light yellow made of yellow and white.  You can use any yellow that you have really.  Whether it’s yellow ochre, cadmium yellow or lemon yellow, it doesn’t really matter.

She uses this light yellow mixture to paint in the front legs.  Karrie likes to pain in the front legs a little bit lighter than the rest of the body.  It gives the painting some nice contrast.  She uses this same color to paint in the face as well.

Next se uses a nice bright red to paint in the spots on the cat.  The red that you use here again isn’t all that important.  Any bright red will work.

Next she takes the handle of a small brush and scratches into the surface of the painting.  It’s a nice effect that adds interest and variety to the painting.

Staying within the color scheme, she takes a burnt sienna which is a dark orange and paints in the shadows of the ears.

Then, using some bright yellow, she adds some highlights onto the body of the cat.

She then mixes up some light yellow again with yellow and white and adds this to the paws.  She uses this same light color to add highlights to other parts of the cat, like the ears for instance.   This light color is really starting to make the cat “pop” out from the dark blue/violet background.

Then using some teal, she paints in some stars in the background.  The teal is lighter than the blue/violet background which creates a nice contrast.

Using some black, she paints in a small bird in the lower right side of the canvas.  This is another element that again, adds some interest to the painting.

Next, she mixes up some magenta and white to lighten up the background a bit.

She then takes some black paint and uses this to outline the cat.  You can either use black paint to create the outline or you can wait until it dries and draw in the outline using a sharpie marker.  You can see how the ark outline makes the cat “pop” out even more.

She then adds little dabs of teal here and there on the body of the cat.  Using the same colors throughout helps to unify a painting.

Watch the video to see how she finishes the painting.  I hope you enjoyed this video from Karrie.  If so, please take a moment to leave a comment in the comments box below.

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