Human Figure Drawing Lessons for Beginners

The following post contains five figure drawing videos by artist Cy Porter.  These free drawing and animation tutorials are posted to help promote Cy’s animated films. He hopes you find these videos helpful and please take the time to check out some of his animation work at

Human Figure Drawing Lesson Part 1: Overview

This tutorial introduces some basics to drawing people from your mind.

Human Figure Drawing Lesson 2: The neck

Tutorial 2 offers some overview of drawing chest, neck and head as they would appear in a 3d space. No detail here. Early stages of the drawing is concerned with placement and angle of parts of the body.

Human Figure Drawing Lesson 3 : Shoulders

This tutorial introduces the early stages of drawing shoulders on a human figure. Shoulders are not fixed but can move almost as much as outer limbs.

Human Figure Drawing Lesson 4 : Shoulders Continued

More about how shoulders are not fixed in place on the chest and how they move around.

Human Figure Drawing Lesson 5 : Figure Standing, Seen From Front

In tutorial 5 I discus drawing people in 3d perspective then take you threw the early stage of drawing a figure standing, seen from the front.


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