How to Paint Clouds and Skies with Watercolor

Watercolor painting is difficult enough all on its own, but there are some objects that people find particularly difficult to paint.  This post will hope to remedy that by showing you several videos that teach you how to paint believable clouds and skies with watercolors.  I found the videos below while searching this topic on YouTube and believe these to be the very best videos there on this topic  I do hope you find these landscape watercolor tips and techniques helpful.  Enjoy!

How To Paint A Blue Sky With Clouds in Watercolor

Big thanks to Patrick for making this watercolor painting lesson available!  You can view more of Patrick’s videos over at his YouTube page by clicking here.

Watercolor Sky For Beginners – How To Paint a Variegated Wash

A big thanks to Bob Davies for making this watercolor painting tutorial available!   You can view more of Bob’s excellent video tutorials over at his YouTube page by clicking here.  He has a ton of great lessons there including more watercolor as well as acrylic painting and drawing.

How to Paint a Watercolor Sky with Wilson Bickford

A  big thanks to Wilson Bickford for making this watercolor painting lesson on skies available!  Wilson is a professional Artist and Art Instructor with 20 years experience in teaching.  Wilson has more great instructional videos over at his YouTube Page that cover more problem areas that artists often encounter.  Head on over to his page by clicking here.

Simple Skies in Watercolour

A big thanks to Grahame Booth for making this video lesson on painting the sky in watercolor available!  Grahame has a couple more videos over at his YouTube page, so be sure to head on over by clicking here.

Terry Madden’s Watercolor Workshop Painting Easy Clouds

A big thanks to Terry Madden for making this watercolor workshop on painting clouds available.  You can learn more about Terry and view more of his videos by following this link.

How to paint clouds the wet on wet way

A big thanks to Chad Marshall for sharing his watercolor techniques for painting clouds wet on wet!  Chad is a certified oil painting instructor with Alexander Art. You can learn more about him and watch more of his videos here.


  1. John says

    I am looking at an amazing desert sunset in Las Vegas after rain and snow…Yes it snowed in Las Vegas, I’m not crazy, but I wish I could paint a great watercolor of this sunset to have forever!

  2. Cynthia D. Ward says

    Re: Bob Davies…lesson, watercolour painting, sky,
    wonderful lesson ! Just terrific. I just wish to know what kind of sable brushes he was using, he said #12 but who makes them? I saw it was one I have seen before, being used: on You Tube, by an Australian lady/artist, as well. My “GOOGLE” search didn’t reveal the brush’s manufacturer. I do hope that the artist will not mind to tell me! I’m just getting back into watercolors, months of a very firm artist’s block, ordered 1 brush today to help me get through the ‘iron gate’ …but wasn’t with a red tip, it was WN Sable Series 7. Vy expensive but I made the leap. Look forward to hearing, the name of the brush & will keep looking for ‘his’ Videos. Many thanks, CDW, Sonoma CA

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