How to Easily Create your own Beautiful Abstract Painting Step by Step

The following video demonstration will teach you how to create your very own abstract painting easily from scratch. The entire painting is completed in one sitting in about 30 minutes. It’s a wet on wet painting meaning wet paint is applied on top of wet paint. This will allow the colors to mix and interact with one another on the canvas to produce the desired effect. The Artist is using acrylic paint as his medium.

The Artist begins by taking some white paint and adding water. He mixes quite a bit of this white as it will form the base of his painting. He then pours it directly on the canvas and spreads it around fairly evenly. By the way, you can use any color you want as your base coat. It does not have to be white. It all depends on the look you are after. White is just this Artists personal choice for this particular painting.

He will then mix up another color for the next application of paint. He takes yellow, burnt sienna and a touch of black to darken it up. Again, you can choose any color you wish for this second application. He adds a tiny bit of water this time and using a brush, he applies the mixture randomly on the canvas over the still wet white mixture from step 1.

The Artist then mixes a very fluid mixture of burnt sienna and using his brush, he allows it to drip from the brush all around the canvas. He does the exact same thing again using black paint.

He then applies some black paint randomly over the canvas straight from the tube. He does the same thing again with burnt sienna.

Then comes the really fun part of this painting where the Artists begins to mix the paint around. It really is quite interesting to see how all of these colors of different consistencies react with one another to produce a really beautiful, professional looking abstract painting. Watch the video to see how the Artists completes the painting!

A really big thanks to Artist GLENN FARQUHAR with Art Fusion Productions for creating this awesome video. Be sure to check out Glenn’s Website here to learn more about him. He offers a number of excellent DVD’s from his Website that will give you the opportunity to learn more about his techniques from the comfort of your own home. He also offers live classes if you happen to live in or near Sydney Australia.


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    Thank you for this video! I can’t wait to try out this technique on my own. I am just beginning my learning about acrylic painting, and I am curious to hear how you got started. Do you prefer to paint realistic paintings (like the painting of a zebra that you describe in this video) or abstract painting? Do you have any advice for a beginning painter?

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