Colored Pencil Demonstration Video

Here is a great step by step colored pencil demonstration by artist Veronica Winters.

During this video tutorial, Veronica will share lots of  tips and techniques for creating a stunning colored pencil drawing.

Veronica uses colored paper for her drawings as it speeds up the drawing process and makes her drawings appear brighter and more vibrant.

She uses smooth paper that doesn’t have much tooth to it.  She uses Prismacolor  Premier Colored Pencils. These are a high quality colored pencil with a lot of pigment in them. Well worth the investment if you are looking to produce vibrant high quality work like Veronica’s.

She is working from a reference photo that she took in Italy.

She begins with a drawing that she lays out using a graphite 2HB Pencil. She lays in the drawing very lightly as she doesn’t want the graphite to show through in lighter areas of her finished piece. After finishing her initial drawing, she will smooth out harsh lines with a kneaded eraser.  While she is creating her initial drawing, she is focusing on creating a great composition.

She uses a ruler in certain areas of her drawing to create straight lines.  She uses a color wheel to help her choose colors that work well together and are pleasing to the eye.  She makes dark outlines as she feels this is important to keep the clarity of the forms.  She uses the cross hatching technique to hide the appearence of lines. This makes it look more like a painting than a drawing….

I don’t want to give too much away, so be sure and watch this interesting colored pencil demo video below.  The demonstration is about 30 minutes in length so try and free up that much time to watch it straight through.

If you are interested in learning more about Prismacolor Colored Pencils as well as purchasing them online at a discounted price, follow this link for a video discussion and demonstration from the folks over at Dick Blick.

Step by Step Colored Pencil Drawing Demonstration Video

A big thanks to Veronica Winters for sharing this wonderful colored pencil demonstration.  Follow this link to visit her Website to see her work and to learn more about her.


  1. Cheryl Brustin says

    Wish I could have enlarged this tutorial to full screen – also background music was too louos

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