You Asked: Oil over Thick Application of Acrylic

Today’s question comes from Linda and she asks: “I know it’s ok to apply oil paint over acrylics, but what if the initial layers of acrylic paint are quite thick?  Is it still ok to paint over it with oils?  If so, how long should the layers of acrylic paint be left to dry before […]

You Asked – Thickening Acrylic Paint

Today’s question comes from Jeff Jeff Writes: “I work with acrylics. I enjoy painting thickly with Impasto only the various gels and other thickening mediums are becoming too expensive for me at this time. Are there any other ways to add body to acrylic paint? Perhaps with substances one might find around the house? I […]

You Asked – Student Grade Oil Paints

Today’s question comes from Jack and he writes: I am thinking about making the switch from acrylics to oils.  Can anyone recommend a good student grade oil paint to buy?  I cannot afford artist quality paints at this time.  I heard good things about Winsor & Newton and Grumbacher but wanted to see what other […]

You Asked – Acrylic Painting Sealant

Today’s question comes from Christina and she asks: “I am not a painter. I just purchased a set of painted pictures for my grandson of his favorite characters to be hung in his bedroom for his birthday. The artist shipped them to me but the sealant she used has made the painting look like they […]

You Asked – How to Clean a Watercolor Painting

Todays question is from John and he asks: “Is it possible to safely clean a watercolor painting?  There was a flood in my garage  recently and one of my watercolor paintings was badly soiled from the water and debris floating around.” Do you have any information that may help John?  Please leave your response in […]

You Asked: How to Store a Wet Oil Painting

Today’s question comes from Andrea and she Writes: “How do I store a wet oil painting?  After I complete one of my paintings, I let it dry, uncovered, in my studio.  I notice after several weeks, the painting collects dust, that is difficult to remove.  I have tried moving it to a different room and […]

You Asked: Getting Started with Oils

Todays questions is from Ned. Ned Writes: ” Hi, I would like to learn how to start learning how to paint with oil colors . I have the basics in Drawing with pencil and thought oils would give me more of building portraits or scenes . At first I would like to try and discover […]

You Asked – How to Safely Ship a Painting

Todays question come from Pauline. She asks: “I have sold a painting – acrylic on canvas to someone in Canada. It’s 24 by 16″ approx, a deep canvas. Any ideas on how to ship it safely would be appreciated. Has anyone used a particular shipping / postal service they could recommend?” Do you have any […]

You Asked – Oil Painting Thinner

Todays question is from Zyed: I have done an oil painting using artist thinner to paint with. But i have now been told that useing thinners with oil pigments will ruin my painting. If that is true,are there any soloutions to this problem? Do you have any information that might help Zyed?  Please leave your […]