Artist Spotlight – Jason Vazquez

Artist Name:  Jason Vazquez Location: Yankton, S.D. Website: Title of Artwork: R.I.P Sweet Prince Medium: Oil on canvas Size of Artwork: 24×30″ Describe this Piece: My latest oil painting of a true legend. R.I.P Sweet Prince. Oil on canvas

Artist Spotlight – Daniel McGowan

Artist Name: Daniel McGowan Location: United Kingdom Title of Artwork: Scarlet Medium: Acrylic three colours Size of Artwork: A3 Describe this piece: Direct brush, no pre drawing using three colours Click Image For Larger View

Artist Spotlight – Nancy Talley

Artist Name – Nancy Talley Location – Ventura, CA Title of Artwork – Two Trees Medium – Watercolor Size of Artwork – 5″7″ Describe this Piece – Two trees in a city “monument” The reason I took watercolor classes was so I could paint these trees.

Artist Spotlight – Randy Burns

Name: Randy Burns Location: Dyersburg, Tn Website: Title of Artwork: The Imminence of Darkness Medium: Acrylic Size of Artwork: 16 x 20″ Describe this Piece: A brilliant glow fills the landscape as the setting sun paints its vision of the surrounding beauty. Click Image for Larger View

Artist Spotlight – Maria Wikstrom

Artist Name: Maria Wikstgrom Location: Kungsbacka, Sweden Website: Galleri Maria Wikström Title of Artwork: The Health Game Medium: Acrylics Size of Artwork: 30×30 Describe This Piece: I love painting still lives. It gives me opportunity to focus on form, colour and depth as well as contrasts. This one is a reminder of how fragile life […]

Artist Spotlight – Charles Van Horn

Artist Name: Charles Van Horn Location: New York Website: Title of Artwork: Fishermen of Kerala Medium: Watercolor Size of Artwork: 22” X 30” Describe this Piece: Fishermen from Kerala fighting the surf to get beyond the breakwaters to drop their nets (Click Image for Larger View)

Artist Spotlight – Sandy

Name: Sandy Location: Las Vegas, NV Website: Title of Artwork: Green Door Medium: Watercolor Size: 11×15 Describe this Piece: A worn door, peeling green paint with rusty lock and keys Click Image to Enlarge