Still Life Painting Demo in Oils

About Brian Simons Being a self-taught artist, I have derived much of my inspiration from the “Group of Seven”, the French Impressionists and the Writings of Baha’u’lla’h (Bahá’í Faith). My family and I moved to Vancouver Island from Alberta, where I first began to paint approx. 25 years ago. Prior to that time, I focused […]

Watercolor Still Life Painting Step by Step

This lesson is courtesy of Rod Webb. Rod is a veteran Watercolorist from New Zealand. You can learn more about Rod and view more of his work by following this link to reach his Website. Watercolour Painting  My Way :Still Life Note from the author: Since authoring “Still Life Painting, My Way!” I have had a […]

Watercolor Painting Techniques – Painting Metal

About John Fisher I was born and educated in England, graduating from the Luton School of Arts (now Barnfield College) in 1945. It was my hope to become a graphic artist, but at the end of the Second World War returning service men and women had first crack at the few jobs available, and rightly […]