Soft Pastel Painting Step by Step

About Kari Tirrell A self-taught artist, Kari Tirrell spent her formative years drawing animals and people.  Both subjects continue to factor largely in her work today.  She paints predominantly with soft pastels and has a great love for realism.  “People often comment that my paintings look like photos, but I’m not aiming for photorealism.  I […]

Oil Painting Wildlife Demonstration

About Shalese Ever since I could hold a pencil, I have had a love of drawing and animals. So it was only natural that I combine my two loves. My passion for art has only grown throughout the years and my love of animals has kept up with it. When my family and I took […]

Karrie Evenson – How to Paint a Whimsical Cat

KARRIE EVENSON ARTIST I am a professional artist from Northwest Arkansas living in the hills of the Ozark Mountains. As an emotional painter, it’s important that I try to convey everyday experiences to tell a story with paint, brush and canvas. It is my hope to draw the viewer in and allow them to walk […]

Wildlife Art Demo of a Lion Cub

About Eric Wilson Eric Wilson has established himself as one of Britain’s leading wildlife artists, a multi-award winner whose paintings are now widely collected throughout the world. His artistic ability was evident from his earliest schooldays; “Eric has an artistic talent way beyond his years” wrote his art teacher in 1967. As a child of […]

Leopard Painting Demonstration in Pastels

About The Artist Carol Santora, PSA, has loved animals of all kinds since she was a child, and remembers always wanting to be an artist. She had numerous well-used Jon Gnagy drawing kits and would copy pictures from magazines and sketch things around her home. Santora (BFA, summa cum laude, Framingham State University) began her […]

How to Sketch a Horse Step by Step

About Sandy Sandy Since 1996, Sandy Sandy has been a professional fine artist and has devoted her career to painting full time. After a divorce, she left behind a thriving advertising, illustration and sign company which she owned and operated for seventeen years. Sandy currently works in her spacious art studio from her NJ Pine […]