Watercolor Techniques – Mixing Grays with Don Andrews

In the following free 2 part video lesson, artist Don Andrews teaches how to mix beautiful grays from blues and oranges and then demonstrates how to use those grays in a painting demonstration of a light house. The following 2 part watercolor lesson provided by Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff. ¬†You can visit their YouTube channel […]

Fluid & Loose Watercolor – Cornflowers & Lilies

Starting with a blank sheet of paper, Angela Fehr demonstrates one approach to fluid and expressive watercolor floral painting, using complementary colors to create a vibrant painting. –> Click HERE to save 50% off Angela’s online course “Basic Techniques in Watercolor”! Or you can visit her site here to sign up for other courses Angela offers! Angela […]

5 Beginner Watercolor Mistakes to Avoid

In the following video, Artist Jennifer Branch shares her top 5 beginner watercolor painting mistakes that every beginner should be careful to avoid. Visit Jennifer’s YouTube Channel Here Visit Jennifer’s Websites: http://paintingwatercolor.com http://jenniferbranch.com  

All sorts – A Watercolour Demonstration

About John Fisher I was born and educated in England, graduating from the Luton School of Arts (now Barnfield College) in 1945. It was my hope to become a graphic artist, but at the end of the Second World War returning service men and women had first crack at the few jobs available, and rightly […]

The Most Important Watercolor Principle

This is the technique I would use if I had just one opportunity to teach watercolor, if you were here in my studio in beautiful Northern British Columbia, I would want to share this one watercolor principle with you, if we just had a few minutes, this is what we would cover. And that is, all about the water. Here is one of my painting buckets. Water is the key to everything in watercolor and hence the name….