Introduction to Watercolor Painting Supplies For Beginners

Watercolor painting is probably the most convenient of all the painting mediums. All you really need to get started is a box of paint, a few brushes, water and some paper. There are no toxic solvents or mediums to be concerned about and your brushes can be cleaned with a little soap and water. This […]

How To Paint Flowers in Watercolor

Sometimes watercolor painting outdoors is not always an attractive option.  For some of us, it is more convenient and enjoyable to take photographs of our favorite scenes or objects and paint them in the studio.  In the following watercolor painting video, Artist Debi Watson shares her techniques for doing just that. First, Debi takes several […]

Watercolor Brushwork Lesson By Steve Fleming

About Steve Fleming Good art is the result of hard work and dedication. It only happens when the artist finds his or her own story to tell and then learns to do so with his or her own unique language. I am an artist who works in watercolor and acrylic, and I teach both for […]

Getting to Know Your Watercolor Palette By Angela Fehr

About Angela Drawn to the eloquence found in nature’s simple beauty, Canadian watercolor artist Angela Fehr has lived in Papua New Guinea, the United States and Canada. A self-taught artist, today Fehr lives with her family in northern British Columbia, Canada, where she is the home educator of her three children and celebrates the small […]

Step by Step Watercolor Painting By Alistair Butt

Below is a wonderful step by step watercolor painting demo by the very talented artist Alistair Butt. Please take a moment to visit Alistair’s site when you are finished reading through this demonstration. There a handful of other demonstrations on his website, tips on painting supplies, limited edition prints for sale and more. Alistair Butt’s […]