Palette Knife Landscape Painting Demonstration

About Patricia Elliot Seitz

Patricia Elliott Seitz was born in San Diego California, and spent most of her young adulthood living in Southern California. She came from an artistic background of art and music, and always knew that she wanted to be an artist. From age five until she was in her early teens, Seitz was mentored by her mother, an accomplished jewelry designer, and still life painter.

Her love for landscapes and seascapes has been heavily influenced by where she has lived through the years. Her painting approach is based on impressionism, and Tonalism. Painters that have inspired Patricia are Monet, Alexander Wyant, George Innless, Wyatt Eaton, Marjorie Reed, and Vernon Kerr. Her choices of mediums are oil and soft pastel. Her main subject matter is landscapes, and seascapes. On occasion, Patricia will paint still life and figurative work as well.

Her paintings are distinctive for their bold and simple brush strokes, luminescent light and unique color choices. Today she can be found in her studio, painting seasonal paintings of the Central New York area, and the California coast lines. She is an active member of Oil Painters of America, CNY Art Guild, and her work is represented by Local NY art Galleries. Read more

Breaking Surf Oil Painting Demo

About Doug

Doug Purdon was born in Toronto, Ontario. He is a full-time painter, teacher and writer. He is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists and Ontario Society of Artists. He currently lives in Toronto with his wife, the writer Rosemary Aubert.

He exhibits his work in galleries in Canada, the US and the UK and his paintings are in many private and corporate collections, including The Toronto Public Library, The City of Toronto, The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, Sears Canada, and The Mystic Seaport Museum, Mystic CT, where his painting Tugboat Alley was awarded the Museum Purchase Award in 2005. A major retrospective of his work was held in October 2007 at the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto.

Doug believes that artists should continue the tradition of passing on their skills and knowledge to other artists and does this through his workshops, seminars and writing. He currently teaches courses at Loyalist College, Belleville, Ontario; Bridgewater Retreat, Tweed, Ontario; and the School of Continuing Studies, University of Toronto and in workshops for art associations across Canada.

While he paints his native Ontario, he also enjoys travelling to different locations and has painted in Scotland, England, France, and the American Southwest and on the eastern and western seaboard of North America. He is represented by Studio 737, Tweed, Ontario; Arnold Fine Art, Newport RI; and the Gallery at Mystic Seaport, Mystic CT.

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How to Make Blue from Ivory Black & White

About Karin

karin 222x300Karin Wells is an artist of amazing versatility. She graduated with honors from both the New England School of Art and Design, Boston, 1965, and the Butera School of Art, Boston, 1986. Karin has enjoyed a career as an award-winning graphic designer, illustrator and sign painter. She also taught Life Drawing and Painting for many years. She has most recently studied for three years at The New England School of Classical Painting in Greenfield, New Hampshire, under the direction of Numael Pulido.

To expand her craft, Karin has traveled throughout Europe studying the Old Masters. Her art reflects the deep influence of these great works. Karin demonstrates a remarkable facility for likeness and for the use of light.

The artist is a member of The American Society of Portrait Artists, Portrait Society of America, The Portrait Society of Atlanta, and The Copley Society of Boston.

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How to Clean your Oil Painting Brushes

Learning how to clean your oil painting brushes is important, especially if your brushes are expensive and of high quality.  You want to protect that investment so that your brushes will last for years to come.

There are a variety of methods for removing oil paint from a brush. If you were to ask 5 different artists how they clean their brushes, you would more than likely get 5 different answers.  Some artists use turpentine or mineral spirits while others prefer to use safer alternatives like baby oil or citrus based cleaners.

I would like to outline my process for cleaning my brushes in this post as well as include articles and videos from other artists.  This way you will have a variety of resources to help you choose the method you are most comfortable with.  The main objective with cleaning your oil painting brushes is to remove as much pigment as possible from the brush immediately after each use. Also important, is try your best to maintain the brushes original shape.

I would like to start by sharing the supplies that you will need if you decide to go with my method of oil paint brush cleaning. I do not use any dangerous solvents, thinners or chemicals to clean my brushes.

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How to Begin a Landscape Painting in Oils

In this free oil painting video lesson by artist Dick Ensing  you will learn a method for starting a landscape painting using oil paint. This is not the only way to start an oil painting, but it is an excellent method and one that every beginner should become familiar with.

The artist will be working from a photograph of a scene in Tennessee. He will begin with a value sketch using only one color, Cerulean Blue. He is using Charvin Oils for this particular lesson. He says he likes these oils because they have excellent pigment strength and when they dry, the color is very close to the color you start out with. He also points out that he likes to work with flat brushes with long bristles. He says the longer bristles last longer and they give you a nice chiseled edge to work with while you are painting.

He very lightly begins to sketch in his composition using the Cerulean Blue. He is just looking for shapes at this point. While he is laying out his composition, he is careful not to place his focal point directly in the center of the canvas as this will produce a boring painting. He places his focal point off to the left of the center.

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How to Paint an Apple with Oils

This 50 minute lesson introduces the foundational principles of representational art and demonstrates how each one applies specifically to the subject of painting. These four principles (Drawing, Value, Color and Edges) guide every decision that the artist makes during the painting process. This lesson introduces and demonstrates how to use all four principles by painting a simple apple.

Some of the topics that are discussed include: establishing reference points when painting; measuring accurately; thinking in terms of shapes; value relationships; using complimentary colors; warm and cool colors; incorporating a variety of edges within a painting.

Brian Neher is a professional portrait painter whose work has been featured in American Artist Magazine and on national television. He has studied under world renowned portrait painter, Joe Bowler, and his paintings can be seen in both private and corporate collections throughout the United States.

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Oil Portrait Painting Demo by Chris Saper

About The Artist

Chris Saper has painted commissioned portraits for fifteen years, following a seventeen-year career as a health care executive in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to her painting schedule, she is an active portrait instructor, teaching both portrait painting and business skills. Chris is the author of Painting Beautiful Skin Tones with Color and Light

Visit Her Website Here

Visit Her Blog Here

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How to Paint Water and Sky in Oils

About Jon Friedman

jon friedman

Jon R. Friedman was born in 1947 in Washington, D.C.  He graduated from Princeton University with Bachelor of Arts Degree and received a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Cranbrook Art Academy located in Michigan.

Jon R. Friedman paints landscapes, figure paintings, and commissioned portraits. He also creates assemblages and constructions and site-specific installations. Friedman has studios in both New York City and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. See Jon Friedman’s Resumé for more information.

Follow this link to visit Jon’s Website

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Painting an Oil Portrait – Video Demonstration

Learn how to paint a portrait in oils with this free step by step video demonstration by Artist Irv Rudley.   This is a two part video lesson that is approximately 15 minutes in length.

Visit Irv’s YouTube page for more portrait painting demonstrations

Visit Irv’s Website  Here

Part 1

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Oil Painting Landscape Demo by Artist Jon Houglum

Here is a fantastic oil painting landscape demo by Artist Jon Houglum.  If you are not already familiar with Jon’s work, then you should definitely take a moment to visit his Website here.  I am a huge fan of his work and his lessons.  Here is another fantastic landscape oil painting demo of his that I posted on this site not too long ago.  This is a five part video demonstration that is approximately 1 hour in length, so make certain to free up enough time to watch the whole thing.

Part 1

In part 1 of this tutorial, Jon starts with a toned canvas.  He then takes some Burnt Sienna that has been thinned down with paint thinner and begins to lay out his composition.  He divides his composition into thirds.  The rule of thirds is a popular compositional guideline that artists follow to ensure they have an interesting composition. It ensures that your composition will not be divided in half, which is a big no no in painting.  Jon then begins to block in the sky.  He starts at the horizon with a mixture of Burnt Sienna, Blue and a touch of red.

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