Oil Painting with a Palette Knife

Palette and Painting Knives go hand in hand with oil paints.  Many people use these terms interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two.  A Palette Knife is a special knife made specifically for mixing your paints on your palette, while a Painting Knife is used for applying the paint to whatever surface you […]

Oil Painting Glazing Tutorial – Glaze and Mist

About Julie Duell Julie Duell (nee Henderson) is a 6th generation Australian going back to the First Fleet of English convicts to arrive in Sydney cove in 1788. She also has a drop of American Shoshone Indian heritage for good measure! Julie was born in Sydney in 1941 and continued to reside in Sydney environs […]

How to Paint a Landscape in Oils for Beginners

About the Artist Ross Bowns is an artist and art instructor working in California. His interests in art are in semi-abstract figurative art but he enjoys teaching broad range of subjects from basic drawing techniques to painting the landscapes. He received an MFA in Fine Arts from The Academy of Arts University and a BA […]

How to Paint a Sunset in Oils Step by Step

About Gina Gina De Gorna comes from a family of Artists and Craftsmen. She has lived and studied extensively Fine Art both in Europe and in the US. In 2002 Gina found paradise and eventually moved to Hawaii Big Island. Gina De Gorna received her first Art award at the age of ten and later […]

How to Make Oil Paints Dry Faster

Oil paint is a slow drying medium.  It behaves differently than other mediums like water based mediums for instance, as it dries by oxidation and not by evaporation. This slow drying process can be good or problematic, depending on the situation.  If you are a patient artist that works at a slow pace and enoys […]

Telluride’s Gold, Ingram Falls – Landscape Demo

About Kenn Backhaus Kenn was born in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin and spent much of his childhood on the family farm near Burnett, Wisconsin. His fondness for nature became the catalyst for his art. Kenn’s parents encouraged his artistic education and following High School, he attended Layton School of Art in Milwaukee,Wisconsin. After graduation from Layton […]

En Plein Air Oil Painting Demo

Below is a wonderful video demonstration created by Paul Taggart.  This is a demo done “en plein air”.  Its a fairly quick, energetic and sketchy painting, the point of which, is to demonstrate that oil painting does not always have to be a long drawn out process that takes days or even weeks to complete. […]