Learn How to Paint Beautiful Poppies in Acrylics with a Palette Knife

Learn how to paint simple Impasto Impressionist teal poppies with a palette knife. Easy and fun acrylic painting lesson by Angela Anderson with step by step instructions. Great beginner introduction to palette knife painting. LIVE full length step-by-step instructions. Change colors to suit your home decor. By Artist Angela Anderson Visit her YouTube Channel Here […]

Learn 13 Cool Watercolor Painting Techniques!

In this tutorial you will learn 13 watercolor techniques that can help you create texture and different affects in your watercolor paintings. If you are a beginner this tutorial is for you! You will learn how to create a flat and gradated wash, how to lift off the paint, mask the surface, use sgraffito to […]

How to Salvage a Painting that Isn’t Working – By Samuel Earp

Have you ever gotten deep into a painting only to look at it and think ‘oh crap, it’s not working’!!! Don’t worry, this has happened to me many many times! Even with the hours you spent planning your painting and all the sketches you did prior to starting it, sometimes when it comes to actually […]