Charcoal Portrait Demo by Nathan Fowkes

About Nathan Fowkes I do concept art, color and lighting design for animation and entertainment projects, notable clients include DreamWorks, Blue Sky, Disney and Digital Domain. It’s a great job but since everything is painted digitally I spend my own time painting with traditional mediums, these paintings and sketches are the emphasis my blog. I’ll […]

How to Draw Water in Pencil

Our water landscape possibilities are endless. But without the tools to understand how to draw water, we become overwhelmed as to the task of how we’re suppose to draw it!! All those ripples, waves, reflections….oh my!! So we put our favorite scenes away, hoping to be braver another day. Does that sound familiar?

How to Draw Trees with Pencil

Trees. In almost all landscapes, they play an integral part in the scene. How the trees, grass and foliage are represented in a drawing have a direct impact on the entire mood and success of the drawing. Trees are also one of the most complex and intimidating subject matter to draw.

Charcoal Still Life Tutorial – Part 1

About Michael Newberry Michael Newberry is nearing his fourth decade as a full time artist, and he lives primarily from art sales to private collectors. Most recently (March 2012) his monumental work, Lovers Jumping, became part of Chan Luu’s art collection. Michael has primarily shown with institutions and through his studio – by-passing commercial galleries. […]

Pencil Portrait Tutorial by George Max

About the Artist George Max is a Geologist, Fine Artist and Professional Translator from central Guatemala in Middle America. He was born in 1968 in a small town called of Cobán, 200 km north of Guatemala City. He traveled to the USA (Colorado State) in 1989 to study English under a one year scholarship program. […]

Charcoal Portrait Drawing Tutorial

About Brian MacNeil Brian MacNeil is an artist of great talent and imagination and is one of the new generation of Realist painters that are the new avant-garde in the art world. Brian studied at the Angel Academy of Art, Florence, from 2004 to 2008 and showed himself to be an extremely gifted student, understanding, […]

Fantasy Drawing Tutorial by Ed Beard Jr.

In this 5 part video drawing tutorial, Artist Ed Beard Jr.  takes you step by step through his process of drawing a fantasy scene from memory using no reference material at all.  Ed says this is possible because of his years of studying anatomy and other subjects. To learn more about Ed, to see more […]