How to Turn Your Artwork Into Museum-Quality Prints

Are your art pieces hanging on your wall or stored away being enjoyed by no one? Would you like to have a stylish gallery with luxurious stretched canvas prints (like these) of your treasured pieces but can’t afford one? It is a pity to keep your inspiring artwork hidden from society, after you poured soul […]

How to Draw a Realistic Ear – Step by Step Drawing Demonstration

Artist Bio Nolan Clark has been teaching artists to draw and paint since 2000 in his studio in South Africa. In 2008 he emigrated to New Zealand and took his teaching online. Since then he has taught over 3 million people to draw and paint. He works in many mediums including pencil, pastel, oil, acrylic […]

Silverpoint Drawing Technique

Silverpoint  is a very old type of Metalpoint drawing technique.  It isn’t a very popular drawing style today but has slowly been gaining in popularity.  I myself never heard of it until the other day and thought perhaps you fine folks would find this interesting. Below are a handful of Silverpoint drawing videos I found […]

Eyes of the Tiger – Pastel Tutorial

About the Artist Born in 1980 and father of 2 sons, Jean-Claude Grillet bisanti is a Swiss lawyer passionated by impressionism and figurative art. His passion, strenghten by years of practice, finally led him to acquire some artistic skills. He published an artbook dedicated to his wildlife painting in 2013 Jean-Claude’s Websites: […]

Soft Pastel Painting Step by Step

About Kari Tirrell A self-taught artist, Kari Tirrell spent her formative years drawing animals and people.  Both subjects continue to factor largely in her work today.  She paints predominantly with soft pastels and has a great love for realism.  “People often comment that my paintings look like photos, but I’m not aiming for photorealism.  I […]

Pastel Demo – Landscape with Wildflowers

About Karen Margulis I was born in Connecticut, grew up in South Florida and spent summers in the North Carolina Mountains. I currently live in Marietta Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. I graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in Education. I operated a family day care for 21 years so that I […]

Charcoal Portrait Demo by Nathan Fowkes

About Nathan Fowkes I do concept art, color and lighting design for animation and entertainment projects, notable clients include DreamWorks, Blue Sky, Disney and Digital Domain. It’s a great job but since everything is painted digitally I spend my own time painting with traditional mediums, these paintings and sketches are the emphasis my blog. I’ll […]

How to Draw Water in Pencil

Our water landscape possibilities are endless. But without the tools to understand how to draw water, we become overwhelmed as to the task of how we’re suppose to draw it!! All those ripples, waves, reflections….oh my!! So we put our favorite scenes away, hoping to be braver another day. Does that sound familiar?

How to Draw Trees with Pencil

Trees. In almost all landscapes, they play an integral part in the scene. How the trees, grass and foliage are represented in a drawing have a direct impact on the entire mood and success of the drawing. Trees are also one of the most complex and intimidating subject matter to draw.