Portraits in Charcoal with Nathan Fowkes

The following is an interview conducted by Bobby Chiu with the very talented artist Nathan Fowkes.  I have been a big fan of Nathan’s work for some time now so it was really nice to get to know him a bit better and to learn more about his techniques.   After watching the video interview, […]

Some basic hand eye control and abstract dimensional forms exercises

These and the other practice exercises are part of the weekly drawing exercise regime for Dynamic Drawing with Salgood Sam at Syn Studio. http://dd.salgoodsam.com/ Do these at least Twice a week during the course. Visit the Artist’s Website Here Visit the Artist’s YouTube Channel Here

How to Draw Better Lines

In the following video lesson, artist Wei Ho shares some great tips on how to improve the quality of your lines in drawing. Visit Wei’s YouTube channel here Visit Wei’s Website here

Drawing with Energy

Great tutorial on how to draw with more energy by sinixdesign. Visit the artists YouTube page

5 Tips for Better Drawings

In the following video lesson, artist Will Terrell shares 5 tips on how to create better drawings. Visit Will’s YouTube Channel Visit Will’s Website