Colored Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step by Step

About Veronica Native of Russia, Veronica Winters was born in 1976 in Smolensk Region. She has spent her childhood living in Zelenograd, a suburb of Moscow known for its electronic industry. Veronica always thought of herself as an artist but with the collapse of the Soviet Union she pursued a different career and received her […]

Colored Pencil Demonstration Video

Here is a great step by step colored pencil demonstration by artist Veronica Winters. During this video tutorial, Veronica will share lots of  tips and techniques for creating a stunning colored pencil drawing. Veronica uses colored paper for her drawings as it speeds up the drawing process and makes her drawings appear brighter and more […]

Colored Pencil Tools and Techniques for the Wax and Oil Based Colored Pencil

Sheri Lynn Boyer Doty CPSA -Biography 2010 Sheri Doty received a B F A degree in 1972 from the University of Utah with a painting and drawing emphasis. Having experimented with non-representational styles during her student years, Sheri preferred classic realism as thought by professor Alvin Gittons.  He and the professors, under whom she studied, […]

Colored Pencil Tutorial By Paula Pertile

About Paula: I was born and raised in Sacramento, CA, USA, where it gets very very very HOT in the Summer. WAY too hot. I played the piano, took tap dancing lessons, did my homework, and spent a lot of time sitting directly in front of the air conditioner. I always liked to ‘color’, and […]

Step by Step Colored Pencil Tutorial

About Amanda: I started drawing back in 2000. One morning I picked up a pencil, some computer paper and started to draw an image from a folder I had by me. This was an Anime (Japanese animation or cartoon) that I liked back then. I was drawing that and other images from reference photos until […]