Blick Presents: Prismacolor Pencils – Verithin, Art Stix and Colored Pencils

Prismacolor is a popular brand of professional artist supplies offering a variety of products including colored pencils, markers, pastels, charcoal and graphite. In this post, the folks over at Dick Blick will be discussing the popular colored pencil products that Prismacolor offers: Colored Pencils, Verithin and Art Stix.

The Art Stix are available in 48 colors.  The Colored Pencils are available in 132 colors. The Verithin Pencils are available in 32 colors.  The great advantage to these products is the consitency.  Meaning, an Indigo color in the Art Stix line is the same as an Indigo in the Verithin line.

The Art Stix is essentially a woodless colored pencil. It can be used straight from the box without sharpening. It has the same beautiful consistency as the Colored Pencils. You can produce a variety of different marks with the Art Stix by utilizing the various edges and points. Thin lines, thick lines, delicate or bold are all possible.  They are also great when producing large works of art as it is easier to cover larger areas.

The Verithin Pencil is an artist quality hard formulation. This means it will hold a nice sharp point and is excellent for fine lines and detailed work. These would be an ideal pencil if you are a Wildlife Artist  for instance and need to draw convincing fur and hair…

Learn more about these high quality products from Prismacolor by viewing the free video below:

Purchase Prismacolor Colored Pencils Online

The products discussed in the video above can be purchased online at a great price through Dick Blick

Prismacolor Verithin Pencils, Dark Umber Prismacolor Verithin Pencils, Dark UmberBrilliant colors can be sharpened to very fine points without crumbling. Firm, insoluble pigments lay down smoothly. Color-coded wood cases. 34 colors. Also sets.

Prismacolor Colored Pencils, Olive Green Prismacolor Colored Pencils, Olive GreenPrismacolor Premier Colored Pencils are the most popular colored pencils we sell. The colors are easily blended, slow to wear, break-resistant, and waterproof. Each 3.8 mm core is enclosed in a round cedar casing that is lacquered to match the core.

Prismacolor Art Stix, Dark Green Prismacolor Art Stix, Dark GreenPrismacolor Art Stix are artist-quality woodless colored pencils for every level of expertise. Especially suited for color coverage of large areas, Art Stix offer a bold, smooth laydown of color.


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