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Name: Maya Engelmohr

Location: Velddrif,  Cape West Coast, South Africa

Title: Yacht on the Bergriver

Medium: Oil

Dimensions: 35 x 28 x 1.4

Support: Canvas

yacht on the bergriver


9 Comments on "Artist Spotlite – Maya Engelmohr"

  1. Shirish Deshpande on Thu, 20th Aug 2009 1:35 pm 

    This one is a wonderful painting. Simple but very expressive. I liked the overall blue tone with the contrasting shades of red/brown….. The only thing I would like to suggest was placing the horizon somewhat lower at 2/3.

  2. Dr. Derek P. Blake on Thu, 20th Aug 2009 4:06 pm 

    Love your reflection but I feel that the water is never that calm. A very pleasant piece with a nice calming atmosphere.

  3. Ingrid Albrecht on Thu, 20th Aug 2009 5:49 pm 

    Hi Maya,

    Your oil painting, “Yacht on the Bergriver” evokes a beautiful sense of CALM. You have captured that sense of peace.

    I would like to make a few comments. When painting, the artist always has a CHOICE to make when designing his/her canvas. In your situation, I do agree with Shirish about the horizon line. However, it is your choice whether you want to place it lower than the 50/50 division, emphasizing the rigging and double masts of the yacht, having them take a bite out of that big “sky shape”, OR having the horizon line higher, above the 50/50 division of the canvas, emphasizing the reflections in the water, and having the masts of the yacht run off the page. By doing these divisions of space, you add more DRAMA to your work.

    I am sure that the masts of the yacht looked this way, but by varying the values, color, and edges in them, you would create more interest in this focal area.

    Thanks for sharing your work with us and keep practicing and painting!

    Happy painting!

    Ingrid ;-)

  4. Maya Engelmohr on Thu, 20th Aug 2009 8:00 pm 

    Thank you all for your comments on my yacht painting. To Dr Blake, I wish you could have seen the water of the Bergriver that specific day. The clearness of the water was the main reason why I painted it, you could actually see the sand and everything in the water and the yacht was reflecting like a mirror. The only thing I changed was the blue of the river, which had more of a clear brownish colour. And Shirish, you are right about the placing which I normally do 2/3, but with this specific painting I wanted to reflect the masts as it was, and I actually did try to get only part of it in, but it did not work and looked unstable. Unfortunately I sent in the wrong unfinished photo, because I added clouds, which created a great contrast with the water, and I have also brought the horison line down a bit by adding shading. By that I created a calm before the storm, but still serene feel. And Ingrid you would be happy to hear that I did work some more on the masts and the sails, creating a more copperish look. I am sorry now that I did not send the real painting, but do appreciate all of your comments.

    Happy Painting Greetings from Maya, Laaiplek, Velddrif, RSA

  5. Soroya on Thu, 20th Aug 2009 8:33 pm 

    I really enjoyed your piece Maya I have no constructive criticism just appreciation for the dream like feeling it gave me
    Thanks :)
    .-= Soroya´s last blog ..RE-MEMEBER NEVER FORGET =-.

  6. Jayne Cummins on Thu, 20th Aug 2009 8:52 pm 

    Lovely work – I have read all the other comments and see you have already altered things. The only constructive comment I would make is about the sky – I know you said you have put some clouds in – but I feel that especially using oils you could have blended it more – it looks a little stripey to me. I find that using a criss-cross method, gradually changing the colour as you work down the canvas – is the best way to go. You can then go back and smooth it – that way you will get a lovely smooth natural look. Hope that helps. Other than that – I really like your work. Well done. Jayne

  7. Gill on Fri, 21st Aug 2009 2:15 pm 

    Very nice. One of the nicest I have seen on this site. Beautiful reflextion in the water

  8. Julie Blight on Mon, 31st Aug 2009 1:30 am 

    Hi Maya,
    Love your painting, so calm and peaceful.

  9. Lise King on Tue, 8th Sep 2009 1:23 am 

    Hi Maya,
    Great Job!
    Hope you enjoyed the journey…

    Happy Trails,
    Lise King

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