Artist Spotlite – Juma Hassan

Artist: Juma Hassan

Location:  Toronto, Canada

Title: “Jumping Dolphins”

Dimensions: 18×14

Medium: Oil over Acrylic On Canvas


  1. farzana says

    ur dolphins are very beautiful and the water falling underneath them are eye catching – very beautiful paintng

  2. Virginia Goodnight says

    wow, this is great! The dolphins really look like they are comming up out of the water.


  3. says

    I love the movement of your painting. It makes me almost get the feel of the ocean spray coming off of the dolphin.
    Your water is also very good.

  4. Valerie Sasaki says

    Your painting is very playful, the dolphins really seem to be enjoying themselves. the color of the water is beautiful. Looking at it makes me smile. Great work!

  5. Linda says

    I love this picture, it makes me smile….your colors are beautiful, great job on the water effects.

  6. Jayne Cummins says

    I love the texture – the spray from the dolphins really stands out. I love the contrast too with the lights and darks – maybe it could have done with a little lighter colour nearer the horizon – but then I’m only being ‘picky’. Well done. Jayne

  7. says

    Attractive image. I love the contrast and depth in the painting.
    Then, the movement of the Dolphins is exciting.
    Great job Juma.

  8. Lynn Marlowe says

    very nice. Pretty colors. Especially like the “splash” water around the dolphins.

  9. Amanda says

    Lovely subject and I really like the detail of the water falling from the dolphins, well done.

  10. Dorothy says

    I love this painting it brings back memories of my visit to Alaska.when the Dolfins swam along side our ship,you have captured the spray very well,delightful work thank you.

  11. Dorothy says

    ilove this painting brings back memories of my visit to alaska,the spray is very well done

  12. says

    Hi Juma,
    You have captured great movement with the dolphins jumping out of the water, and the painting gives the viewer a feeling of happiness! The color of the water is also nicely painted.

    I have a couple of tips about composition. The action of the dolphins is on the right side of the painting, cutting the painting in half. By moving one of the dolphins lower and over to the left of the painting a bit more, the dolphins would then take more of a bite out of that left side of the painting and therefore, connect to the entire painting. Also, by adding some of the colors to the dolphins and to the water splash area, that you have used in the water itself, you would create more color harmony within your painting.

    You have achieved great textural contrast and your painting has evoked a very happy feeling. Keep painting and thank you for sharing with all of us!

    Ingrid 😉

  13. vee says

    hi juma i just love ur painting its beautiful and eye catching keep up ur gr8 work and god bless u

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