Artist Spotlight – Jason Vazquez

Artist Name:  Jason Vazquez

Location: Yankton, S.D.


Title of Artwork: R.I.P Sweet Prince

Medium: Oil on canvas

Size of Artwork: 24×30″

Describe this Piece: My latest oil painting of a true legend. R.I.P Sweet Prince. Oil on



  1. Jeanne Brail says

    You did a beautiful job on this – so light and ethereal. I am not a Prince fan but love this piece.

  2. Geoff Panting says

    This painting pays a great homage to a true musical legend ….. Prince was one of the greatest musical artists of all time and will always be missed.

  3. Jude Hazeldine says

    Prince would love these beautiful purples. Keep up the great work. Its such a shame when doves have to cry. JudyJude “Kiwi girl”

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