Artist Spotlight – Guillaume

Your Name: Guillaume

Location: Paris

Title of Artwork: Chistoph Leray

Dimensions of Artwork: 24×32 cm

Medium: Monolith Graphite pencils

Support: 180 g/m2


Describe this Piece: This is a drawing style I invented that is based on the Tonal Painting Method called an ‘Estompe’ which is ‘to blur’ in French. There are no lines only statements against the form. This is a portrait of the Editor in Chief of ‘Le Courrier’ here in Paris. This work will exhibited in Paris the week of April 14, 2011.

(Click Image For Larger View)


  1. Joyce Hawkins says

    Similar to some of my own drawings, but mine have hard lines and yours do not. There really is no comparison. Your drawing is wonderful and I would love to watch while you draw. Excellent work.


  2. says

    Dear Guillaume,
    You have captured the expression on the face to nicely….. And it is so nice of you to have explained the technique that you have used to create this great masterpiece..:-))
    Thanks for sharing…

  3. Dorothy says

    I like your style so smooth ,lovely painting thank you for posting and good luck in paris.

  4. Dionne says

    This is just excellent. I absolutely love the way the eyes are done, look right to the viewer. I also like that all the past rules about hard lines have been tossed away. This is soft and smudgy and i could look at it forever. I have to be honest and say it is the best portrait i have seen, and i have seen very, very many. Bravo. Sincerely, lamoine

  5. connie guo says

    It is a wonderful three dimensional portrait. I like Mr. Guillaume how to handle five value (local, shadow, turning point, high light and reflection light) in the drawing. I am a self-taught student. I made a drawing from a picture and extremely concentrated on five features. my drawing looked similar to the movie star picture but they did not have any tonal feeling. I can say I am strongly attracted to this piece.

  6. Judy Reich says

    Your subject is one most would avoid. It takes true talent to do a portrait. You have captured the essence of the subject. Very warm. I’d love to have you do one of each of my 3 sons. I know I’d be pleased. KUDOS!

  7. Swan says

    What charisma you have captured!! Makes me wish I was French, single and younger!! 🙂 🙂

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