Acrylic Still Life Painting Tutorial – How to Paint a Copper Pot

In the following three part video tutorial, artist Will Kemp will demonstrate how to paint a copper pot using acrylic paint.

Be sure to scroll down beyond the videos in the post below for more on Will Kemp and what he has to offer over on his website. He has some very helpful and affordable courses that will really help you on your journey toward becoming a better painter. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

About Will Kemp

I’m Will Kemp, I’m an award-winning professional artist and teacher. Prior to painting full time I’ve worked in Museums, taught in schools, set up and ran my own gallery for 5 years and have taught hundreds of people to paint and draw. I’ve studied Classical atelier techniques in Italy alongside conceptual art at the Tate Gallery, London. I’ve painted in watercolours, acrylics and oils and my styles have ranged from abstract; impressionistic to realistic portraiture in order to realise my own personal style. I’ll teach you to become selective with composition, demystify colour mixing, achieve perfect perspective, and see the benefits of dramatic use of contrast. I’m looking forward to you joining me on your creative journey of discovery

Visit Will’s site today by following the link below:

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