Acrylic Painting Mediums – How to use Soft and Coarse Pumice Gel

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Acrylic Mediums : How to use Acrylic Soft Gel and Mediums Part 2

Using Soft Gel Gloss & Coarse Pumice Gel

I’m Will Kemp from Will Kemp Art School and today I’m gonna show you the difference between a gel and a medium. This is part 2 in a 3 part series on gels. We are gonna look at some soft gel (gloss) and different textured gels you can use. This is a soft gel with a gloss finish. This is a gel I often use because when I’m working with acrylic for the first blocking in layer I often like a thinner consistency then when it comes out of the tube.

So I can mix a bit of the soft gel into it and then start the painting from there. it is also very handy because I can use it as an isolation coat. This is when the paintings been finished and you want to create a barrier layer before you put the varnish on top and the soft gel gloss diluted with water creates this isolation coat that you can paint on top of your paintings.

The Soft Gel Gloss has 3 distinct uses:

1. To dilute the paint consistency yet still keep visible brush marks.
2. Diluted with water to create an isolation coat. An isolation coat helps
to separate your painting from a final varnish layer.

So it kind of does 2 things for 1. I always think the simplier tools that you are using the better for your painting. So when we put a brush between them you’ll see that this is with the soft gel gloss. you see how you create it gets more streaky because of course the gel’s got that texture to it. This is with the regular. So what happens with the gels is that they keep the texure of the brush.  So if I’m painting and I want it quite textual I always use a gel because you see when I do that it creates that nice texture with in the paint. And then with the extra hard (Extra Heavy Gel) you see it’s harder to move it around again because of the thicker consistency.

This is just a small selection of the gels that are available especially from Golden paints they have a vast array. They have ones like this which are coarse pumice gel which has like pumice stones in it so you can kind of hear them cracking. So you hear that. It’s got like a gritty texture to it where its got stones that are mixed in with it. You can hear it on there. So again if you wanted to create texture if your doing say a beach scene and you wanted sandy texture in the front and you can put this on with a pallete knife and when it dries off you just kinda glaze on top and you’ll have that lovely texture there. Again of course just mix it straight with the color as well. You just might have to wear ear defenders when mixing it cause it may be hard on your ears. But You see how whats lovely about when you get that light that hits it you get all these kinda little modules little effects that are on there. and it’s amazing how little of the pigment you need to actually color
it to give a pretty good color on to this gel. This is Will Kemp from Will Kemp Art School

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