Landscape Oil Painting Demo – “Virginia Bluebells”

A Virginia Artist - Creating Award Winning Art In Oil and Watercolor CHRISTINE LASHLEY — ARTIST'S STATEMENT: As a contemporary impressionist painter, I am constantly drawn to light. Nature's unique colors, harmonies and contrasts offer a visual feast that I love to capture in artwork. I gather most of my ideas by painting outdoors. On location there is no time to second-guess choices, so the resulting brush strokes convey a sense of immediacy and vitality. My studio paintings are a chance to work larger, while retaining the freshness of painting "plein-air". Planning first, with sketches and … [Read More...]

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Oil Painting Demonstration – Black Clydesdale – Classical Method

About the Artist Carrie L. Lewis has been drawing and painting for over 35 years. Her interest in art began very early, with parents providing crayons and paper. She sold her first horse portrait at the age of seventeen and has been painting beautifully detailed portraits of horses for clients all over the United States […]


“Autumn Field” – An Oil Painting Demonstration

Artist Bio After moving to the US as a teenager, Jane Hunt studied illustration at the Cleveland Institute of Art. She continued her art education by experiencing art communities in France, England, Indonesia and China while studying various painting techniques. The award-winning painter now resides in Colorado, where she continues to be awed and inspired […]

Richard Robinson Painting Demo

The Red Boat – Oil Painting Demonstration

In all my painting lesson videos I try to teach specific information about different aspects of painting. So much so that you might think I’m all work and no play, so in this video I simply wanted to show you what fun I have painting sometimes.

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how to draw water with pencil by DIane Wright

How to Draw Water in Pencil

Our water landscape possibilities are endless. But without the tools to understand how to draw water, we become overwhelmed as to the task of how we’re suppose to draw it!! All those ripples, waves, reflections….oh my!! So we put our favorite scenes away, hoping to be braver another day. Does that sound familiar?

How to draw trees with pencil

How to Draw Trees with Pencil

Trees. In almost all landscapes, they play an integral part in the scene. How the trees, grass and foliage are represented in a drawing have a direct impact on the entire mood and success of the drawing. Trees are also one of the most complex and intimidating subject matter to draw.

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Artist Spotlight – Nancy Talley

Artist Name – Nancy Talley Location – Ventura, CA Title of Artwork – Two Trees Medium – Watercolor Size of Artwork – 5″7″ Describe this Piece – Two trees in a city “monument” The reason I took watercolor classes was so I could paint these trees.


Artist Spotlight – Randy Burns

Name: Randy Burns Location: Dyersburg, Tn Website: randy-burns.artistwebsites.com Title of Artwork: The Imminence of Darkness Medium: Acrylic Size of Artwork: 16 x 20″ Describe this Piece: A brilliant glow fills the landscape as the setting sun paints its vision of the surrounding beauty. Click Image for Larger View


Artist Spotlight – Maria Wikstrom

Artist Name: Maria Wikstgrom Location: Kungsbacka, Sweden Website: Galleri Maria Wikström Title of Artwork: The Health Game Medium: Acrylics Size of Artwork: 30×30 Describe This Piece: I love painting still lives. It gives me opportunity to focus on form, colour and depth as well as contrasts. This one is a reminder of how fragile life […]

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