Featured Painting Lessons

Improve Your Landscape Painting Skills…Paint Outdoors!!!!

I love landscape art, especially traditional realism painting and I have been painting landscapes for many years. Whilst I paint a lot in my studio one of the things I love to do is paint outside on location in the great outdoors. This is called painting ‘en plein air’, which is a French phrase meaning […]

Learn how to Paint What You See – Step by Step Oil Painting Demonstration

The following oil painting demonstration is designed to help you learn how to paint what you see.  This is not necessarily a method that you have to strictly adhere to, rather, it is a method for learning how to paint and how to see. It is a strict and structured lesson but once you have done […]

Featured Drawing Lessons

Learn Essential Pencil Drawing Techniques from Artist Bobby Chiu

As beginners, sometimes all you need is a gem of a video like this from artist Bobby Chiu, that can save you years on learning how to draw.  In the following video, Bobby shares his techniques that he used to create the pencil drawings for his Alice Through the Looking Glass Gallery show in Paris. […]

Tonal Drawing Demonstration with Mark Vazquez-Mackay

Visual artist, Mark Vazquez-Mackay presents a workshop on creating a tonal drawing with charcoal at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Mark instructs a number of courses at the college in the Department of Continuing Education: Drawing I & II, Self Portraiture, Oil Painting I, and Figure Painting. To learn more about ACAD’s continuing […]

Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight – Jason Vazquez

Artist Name:  Jason Vazquez Location: Yankton, S.D. Website: https://m.facebook.com/J.C.VazquezArt/ Title of Artwork: R.I.P Sweet Prince Medium: Oil on canvas Size of Artwork: 24×30″ Describe this Piece: My latest oil painting of a true legend. R.I.P Sweet Prince. Oil on canvas

Artist Spotlight – Ray Lee

Name: Ray Lee Location: Australia Title of Artwork: Blonde Medium: Graphite Size of Artwork: A4 Describe this Piece: Female Blonde Portrait

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